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New Build & Extensions

R1 are well versed in delivering full turn-key projects utilising a wide range of construction techniques...

Traditional Construction:


Traditional construction is wholly built on site, without any pre-fabrication works used for the superstructure. Traditional construction offers high levels of structural integrity, often needed where large building spans or multiple stories are required. In addition, there are little to no design constraints when using traditional methods of construction, making it incredibly popular for many large-scale or flagship projects.



Traditional and modern-method extensions, replacements or repairs to existing buildings, as well as replacement cladding options and façades treatments.

The ability to carry out traditional or modern “fast-track” extensions in conjunction with our full-service offering makes us an excellent partner for any expansion projects you may be considering.



Modular construction is deemed the fastest method of construction. With a modular build, up to 95% of a building can be constructed away from the build site, in a controlled factory environment, helping to condense onsite construction programmes significantly and minimise any potential disruptions on site.

Due to the offsite pre-fabrication works, a modular build project offers a significantly reduced onsite construction programme when compared to a traditional building, making it an incredibly popular solution for school projects where school holiday periods are the only clear window when a new build can be installed.

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