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R1 Achieves "Very Good" Rating in First Audit by Considerate Constructors

1 Jun 2024

Aiming to consistently uphold community respect, environmental care, and workforce appreciation in all projects, R1 recently became members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, an organisation dedicated to raising industry standards and building trust with the public.

In their first audit with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, R1, committed to upholding community respect, caring for the environment, and valuing the workforce, attained a commendable "very good" overall rating for the scheme's code of practice.

The assessment, conducted at one of their ongoing projects for SYA in Shrewsbury, underscores R1's commitment to elevating industry standards and fostering trust with the public. The audit focuses on three critical areas: community engagement, environmental responsibility, and workforce appreciation.

R1 did well in each domain, earning praise for their robust community engagement efforts, proactive workforce support initiatives, and stringent environmental compliance measures. Notably, the team's dedication to carbon reduction, comprehensive staff training, and adherence to supply chain standards stood out, alongside their unwavering commitment to workplace safety and employee welfare.

With a focus on creating strong community ties, R1 demonstrated exemplary practices through well-maintained sites and regular communication with local residents. Their commitment to environmental sustainability was equally praised with commendations for aligning controls with ISO 14001 standards, sharing environmental KPIs transparently, and initiatives such as transitioning to electric vehicles and implementing eco-friendly welfare units. These efforts are central to their NetZero plan, supported by the Shropshire NetZero Leaders programme, and complemented by advocacy for environmental enhancements on-site.

The assessment yielded an impressive overall score of 35 out of 45, reflecting R1's steadfast adherence to the CCS Code and its underlying values. The constructive feedback provided by Considerate Constructors will be instrumental in further enhancing standards across all R1 sites, underscoring the company's commitment to continuous improvement and best practices in construction.

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